Our Mission & Vision & History

· Our Mission:

To assist in creating a safe culture in southern Idaho, where children and teenagers, ages 6 through 17, who have experienced the death of someone they care about, can share their feelings of grief and loss, including grief experienced in preparation for these losses, with their peers and supportive adult volunteer advocates as they progress toward eventual healing on their journey through grief.

· Our Vision:

To support children and teenagers, ages 6 through 17, to feel safe and not alone in exploring thoughts and feelings related to their bereavement, and to have skills that assist them in moving through their grief to restored hope and eventual healing. 

to grieve. In the midst of their own grieving, parents may not realize how their children are feeling. They may hide their grief because they blame themselves, are afraid, or are hiding anger. Recovering from a loss takes time and it has been shown that community is essential to help children get back their lives.

Because Kids Grieve is a support organization for children, teens, and their families who grieve the loss of someone they love because of death. We have a variety of events scheduled for each quarter of the year. There is no cost to the families that use our services. Our funding comes from foundations, organizations and private donations. We do not receive state of federal government funding.

Because Kids Grieve assists children and their families as they journey through grief by encouraging the sharing of feelings with others who have experienced a similar loss. Our groups provide a safe environment to mourn, and where thoughts and feelings about their loss are shared in a way that helps them be compassionate with themselves and others.  Every child has an adult "buddy". They become involved with each other and realize that they aren't the only ones alone in their grieF.

Because Kids Grieve offers mutual respect and acceptance for each individual family's belief system. In our program, we learn and heal ourselves by listening and sharing. Our goals are to support and nurture children and their families in a loving and understanding environment as they experience grief.

 Because Kids Grieve holds seminars workshops to provide education and training on grief and the grief process for community agencies, schools and families. We provide crisis intervention and consultations to schools in South Idaho.


Beginning as a collaboration by 4 hospices and morticians in the Magic Valley in 2001 to address the need of bereavement services to children and teens, Kids Count Too! Inc. has developed events and programs over the years.  Incorporated as a Non-Profit in 2002, Kids Count Too! is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors with By-Laws recognized by the State of Idaho. Its mission is to provide bereavement support to children and teens and parents/guardians where they have a safe place to understand their emotions and learn skills for a healthy life.  KCT offers a variety of experiences not only for the kids (since 2007 over 400 kids participated) but also for parents/guardians and other adults and professionals who provide bereavement support for the community. KCT has reached out to the 7 counties in Southern Idaho.  School Counselors and many agency counselors as well as parents and guardians make student and family referrals to our events.  There are approximately 40 trained volunteers with background checks and drug screens who have completed more than 10 hours of training each year with topics relevant for the Magic Valley. 

The KCT Board of Directors determined that circumstances required the name of the organization should be changed to Because Kids Grieve in December 2018 to eliminate possible conflict with other groups with the same or similar name. 

Because Kids Grieve is a collaborative effort, working with hospices, funeral homes, school counselors, churches, TF County Coroner’s Office, social agencies including military social agencies, and other entities.  Because Kids Grieve became a member of the National Alliance for Grieving Children in 2010 and volunteers have attended the annual national symposium each year since. 

An annual Community Education Conference providing CEU’s for professionals was initiated in August 2015. The 3rd Annual Fall Bereavement Conference was held in September.  Over 70 people has attended each year.  The intent is to provide pertinent bereavement topics for professionals in South Idaho to enhance knowledge and skills for those who provided services and assistance to grieving children and families. A nationally known professional in bereavement studies is invited each year to lead the conference keynote presentation.  Local experienced professionals enhance the conference with presentations on local issues.

Most recently, Because Kids Grieve has accepted a grant proposal to collaborate with The Moyer Foundation to provide a three-day Camp Erin South Idaho in 2016.  32 Campers registered the first year, 52 campers the second, and 101 campers in 2018. Camp Erin is developing into a regionally attended event with campers coming from the Magic Valley, Treasure Valley, Eastern Idaho, and Salt Lake City.